We Get What You Do

Our eProsecutor team has decades of experience in the criminal justice case management industry.

Plea Offers

  • Charge-specific offers

  • Offers made flexible to fit any agency's guidelines

  • Track offers in one place - instantly


  • Any type of electronic file or document can be stored, viewed, and tagged for easy retrieval

  • Bates stamp, annotate, highlight, and add notes to any page of a report

  • Create discovery packets and track discovery receipt dates


  • Complete tracking of Subpoenas issued and served

  • Bulk or individual subpoena generation

  • Automated service notifications


  • All types of file formats can be stored in the filing cabinet 

  • Tag your files for easy retrieval

  • Use your own templates to automate document generation


  • Track all victim communications and required notifications

  • Specific victim services can be associated with grants for easy reporting

  • Control access to private information