Configurability and Flexibility

Our true browser-based case management system enjoys a unique advantage over other systems: it was architected from the ground up as a highly configurable “business processing engine” to be the centerpiece for document management and eFiling solutions and used by trial and appellate courts, prosecutor and public defender offices, and other governmental agencies, including probation, tribal and state and county governments. eCourt can either be hosted in-house or in our cloud through Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Users only need a web browser (Internet Explorer 10+, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) to access eCourt and eCourtPublic from desktops, laptops, smartphones (iPhone, Android) and tablet devices (iPad, Galaxy, etc.) The system’s graphical user interface, including all screens and dashboards, is natively touch screen enabled. eCourt is database agnostic; you can use Microsoft SQL, Oracle, etc. You can use your preferred technologies, including Citrix. eCourt has a built-in document management system, and it is also integrated with Hyland’s OnBase, IBM’s FileNet, EMC’s Documentum and Microsoft’s SharePoint document management systems. No software customization will be required, except for interfaces.

Our configurable, off-the-shelf solutions do not require you to change processes to fit the product. Instead, we will work with your implementation team to configure your system, including the screens, workflows, courtroom processing and judicial dashboards, dynamic searches, the public facing website, etc. to meet your unique needs now and in the future.